Smart Preventive Care Tips to Protect Your Home’s Foundation

The foundation is the most important yet often overlooked part of a home. While other aspects such as windows and rooftop matter a great deal, the foundation bears a significant influence on the integrity and longevity of your home.  Making sure it is stable should be high on your list of priorities. In most cases, foundational repairs are usually costly and beyond the scope of DIY intervention. However, they are far easier to prevent than fix.  Below are five preventive care measures that you can take to prevent foundation problems.

Smart Preventive Care Tips to Protect Your Home's Foundation

1. Ensure Proper Drainage

Without proper drainage, water will eventually find its way to the house’s foundation, resulting in upheaval. To prevent this, you can install a surface drain or erect gutters and downspouts that discharge water 5 to 7 feet from your foundation.

2. Regular Plumbing Checks

Conducting regular inspections of your home’s plumbing system(in and out) is one of the most important preventive care measures for your home’s foundation. Check for plumbing leaks even in the most unexpected places. In case of any suspected leaks, contact a licensed plumber to address the situation immediately.

3. Keep Root Plants Far Away From Your House.

Plant roots that are too close to the perimeter of your home can potentially eat into the subterranean walls of your home’s foundation. Avoid planting trees and shrubs near your home. The ideal length from the house perimeter should be the anticipated height of that plant.

4. Landscape Wisely

Since you are trying to control the amount of water around your foundation, ensure that your yard slopes away from your house gently. This will prevent rainwater from gathering around your home.

Take Charge of Your Home’s Foundation

Foundation repairs are pretty expensive. However, with proper preventive care and maintenance, most issues can be eliminated. For more advice on how you can prevent or minimize potential foundation issues, please contact us.