Common Signs of Foundation Problems

Chances are when something in your home needs repair, you address the immediate problem and think that’s the end of it. As a homeowner, you need to be aware of which problems could be signs of foundation trouble. Since everything in your home literally rests on the foundation, every homeowner needs to know the common signs of foundation problems.

Common Signs of Foundation Problems

Damp Basement or Crawlspace

Excess moisture in the basement is often due to water entering through foundation cracks. When the leaks aren’t repaired quickly, the foundation problem can worsen. If there’s not an obvious leak, how can you tell whether your basement or crawlspace has excess moisture? A musty smell, mold growth, high humidity, condensation on windows, or proliferation of insects are indicators of moisture issues.


Not every crack means there’s a foundation problem. However, it can be challenging for homeowners to determine which cracks are problematic. When a new crack appears, it’s a smart move to have a professional evaluate it. The following types of cracks usually point to foundation trouble:

  • Wall cracks near doors and windows
  • Diagonal cracks
  • A floor to ceiling crack in a basement wall
  • Cracks where the wall touches the ceiling
  • A cracked chimney

Issues with Windows, Doors, Walls, and Floors

Other signs of foundation problems may begin to appear around the house. Windows that used to operate well may become difficult to open and close. In the past, you had no issue opening and closing interior doors, but now those doors stick. Also, foundation problems can cause floors to sag and walls to bow.

Foundation Repair for Dallas Are Property Owners

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