DIY vs. Professional Drainage Correction: Pros and Cons

Poor drainage around your home can lead to major problems like foundation damage, basement flooding, and unhealthy mold growth. It’s tempting to tackle these issues yourself, but sometimes professional help is the best way to protect your investment. Hargrave Custom Foundation Repair weighs the pros and cons of each approach.

DIY vs. Professional Drainage Correction: Pros and Cons

When Could a DIY Drainage Fix Work?

There are simple solutions you might handle on your own:

  • Clearing Gutters & Downspouts: Clogged gutters overflow and dump water directly next to your foundation. Clean them regularly.
  • Extending Downspouts: Ensure water is directed several feet away from the house.
  • Minor Regrading: If you have a low spot pooling water near the foundation, you might be able to re-slope the soil yourself.

When to Call a Professional

DIY fails and more complex issues necessitate professional expertise:

  • Foundation Issues: If you notice cracks or settling, drainage problems might be the culprit. A foundation expert is needed to assess and address the root cause.
  • Extensive Regrading: Large-scale changes to your yard’s slope often require specialized equipment, knowledge of proper slopes, and soil analysis.
  • French Drains: Installing French drains (underground perforated pipes) requires excavation, potentially encountering buried utilities, and proper design for effective drainage.
  • Sump Pumps: For chronic basement or crawlspace flooding, a sump pump system may be needed. Proper installation and ensuring it’s the right solution is crucial.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: Water pushing against your foundation walls may require external waterproofing and drainage solutions beyond DIY capabilities.

Pros and Cons: DIY Drainage Correction

  • Pros:
    • Cost savings (if the solution is truly simple)
    • Satisfaction of fixing it yourself
  • Cons:
    • Potential to worsen the problem with improper techniques
    • Limited solutions for complex issues
    • Time consuming
    • Risk of injury

Pros and Cons: Professional Drainage Correction

  • Pros:
    • Expertise to diagnose the true issue and design the right solution
    • Effective long-term fixes
    • Proper tools and experience for the scope of work
  • Cons:
    • Higher upfront cost

Hargrave Custom Foundation Repair: Your Drainage Solution Partner

We’ve helped countless homeowners protect their properties from water damage. We offer:

  • Thorough Assessment: We try to determine the source of the problem, not just the symptoms.
  • Customized Solutions: Drainage fixes tailored to your yard, ranging from surface grading to complex drainage systems.

Protect Your Home from Water Damage

Don’t let DIY attempts worsen your drainage problems. For complex issues or if you suspect foundation involvement, get professional help.

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