Yes, our professional consultation is FREE and we will provide a FREE written estimate by email, FAX, or snail mail, usually by the very next day!

Yes, but only if you have a plan of repair from a professional engineer and if he is recommending exterior piers only. Usually, Hargrave can then prepare an estimate by observing work site conditions on the outside of your property if given access to all areas where piers are to be installed, However, if your engineer is recommending interior piers or if you don’t have an engineer’s report, Hargrave will need to have access to both the interior and the entire perimeter of the property in order to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your foundation. You may be able to provide information about your home that would help with the evaluation of your foundation problems. We would also prefer the opportunity to answer any questions you may have about the foundation repair process.

The average home consultation takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Minor problems can be evaluated quicker; however, you should allow at least 30 minutes for the visit.

The Hargrave consultant may ask you to show him the foundation problems you have noticed, i.e., exterior mortar cracks, frame separations, interior sheetrock cracks, doors not closing properly, etc. He will then inspect the property for signs and symptoms of foundation movement both inside and outside. Unless the problem is very minor, he may use a Compu-level to prepare an elevation survey of your foundation. The survey will document the current existing elevations of the foundation throughout the structure to aid in determining how level (or out of level) the foundation is and where the movement begins and ends. By combining years of experience in your area with the signs of foundation movement and elevation readings, he will prepare a comprehensive repair plan for your consideration. A sketch of your home’s foundation will be drawn showing recommended pier placement and will be included with the proposed repair plan. You can rest assured that Hargrave will only recommend repairs if needed and that we will provide the most accurate foundation repair solution to properly address your foundation problem.

Most jobs are completed in 1 to 5 days, depending on the number of piers needed, and the weather!

If the cracks in your home or building can be closed, Hargrave’s crews can do it! However, after the house is lifted, the owner may need to hire the services of a professional brick/mortar repairman to achieve a better cosmetic appearance.

Yes. In almost all cases, the pier installation on a concrete slab foundation is guaranteed for the lifetime of the property and is transferable to future owners at no cost.

Small, hand-dug excavations minimize damage to landscaping. Often there may be no landscape damage at all, depending on where piers are to be installed. Young shrubs, plants, etc. can often be moved and re-planted once the pier installation has been completed. However, if a pier needs to be installed where a mature shrub exists, those mature shrubs are usually lost during the work process. If you have any questions about your shrubs or landscaping, please don’t hesitate to ask your Hargrave representative during the initial consultation or the crew supervisor before or during the pier installation.

Yes. Hargrave is covered by Workers Compensation and General Liability Insurance to protect the homeowner. A “proof of insurance” certificate is available upon request.

Yes. Everyone you talk with and all the men working on your property are employees (not contract labor) and have worked for Hargrave for at least EIGHT (8) years, most of them for 10 years or more. They are all either US citizens or have legal documentation allowing them to work in the United States.

After receiving a signed contract authorizing Hargrave to do the work, someone from our office, probably Dan Hargrave, will call to discuss scheduling the work. Then, Linda Hargrave will go to work, ordering utility line locations, securing the city permit, if needed, and following up with you to confirm the start date of your work. Every Hargrave crew has a professional crew supervisor, either Russ Hargrave or Nick James, that will introduce himself upon arrival at the job site. Using shovels, the crew will begin excavation of the pier holes. Steel brackets will be installed on the grade beam at each pier location. Then begins the process of installing the steel pipe piers, hydraulically driven to rock or refusal. The actual lifting of the house will be done by one of the highly skilled supervisors with over 25 years experience. Our experienced crews are our best selling point. Once the work begins, you will understand why Hargrave receives rave reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. Check out some of the reviews on this website. Additional references are available upon request.

No. The State of Texas does not license foundation repair contractors. However, many Texas cities, including Dallas, Garland, Plano, Richardson, Sachse, and Wylie require that the contractor be registered in their city to perform foundation repairs and that permits be secured before the the work is started. Hargrave is a member of the Foundation Repair Association which is a professional, national organization that exists to promote high ethical standards in the practice of foundation repair. The association may be contacted at 866-561-FRAI (3724) or www.foundationrepair.org.