Foundation Repair

exterior-foundation-repairHargrave’s steel pipe pier is used for both exterior and interior foundation stabilization. Steel piers provide trouble-free foundation stability for the lifetime of your home and, in almost all cases, are backed by our lifetime, transferable warranty. Steel piers are also recommended by structural engineers and are accepted by VA, FHA and conventional loan companies.

Steel piers are hydraulically advanced to rock or other suitable load bearing stratum which, in most locations, will be deeper than either drilled concrete piers or pressed concrete pilings. Lifting procedures provide the best structural and cosmetic recovery possible.

The average job takes only one or two days from start to finish. The installation process is fast and clean. Small hand dug excavations minimize damage to landscaping.

Hargrave’s GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) Equipment locates interior grade beams under the slab which allows for a customized repair of any interior slab. As an alternate to installing interior piers to correct settlement of the interior slab, Hargrave can also use expanding polyurethane foam injection, where appropriate. This established method for raising interior portions of the foundation involves drilling small injection holes in the area to be lifted. Multiple injections may be made in each hole to achieve the desired lift. Learn More