Foundation Repair

Hargrave’s steel pipe pier is used for both exterior and interior foundation stabilization. Steel piers provide trouble-free foundation stability for the lifetime of your home and, in almost all cases, are backed by our lifetime, transferable warranty. Learn More

Drainage Protection

Much of the foundation movement in Central Texas, with its expansive clay based soils, is moisture related. Because good drainage away from the house is extremely important, Hargrave Foundation Repair offers several types of drainage correction systems. Learn More

Polyurethane Foam Injection

Hargrave now offers an innovative concrete repair system that involves injecting a polyurethane foam mixture under the concrete. This mixture is extremely dense and sturdy  and will life the slab back to its original position and fully support it. Learn More

Preventative Care

We can advise you on appropriate maintenance to help prevent or minimize potential foundation problems. This includes information on watering, appropriate or inappropriate landscaping, guttering, drainage issues, etc. Learn More