What to Expect During a Foundation Repair

You’re a planner. You like to know what you are doing, when, and how it is going to be done. Unfortunately, foundation repair wasn’t exactly part of the plan, but repair still needs to be made a priority. If you are lucky, foundation repair is something you only need to have done once in a lifetime. As such, you might not know what to expect when it is time to have it done, but the process is pretty is easy to walk you through.

What to Expect During a Foundation Repair

Before a Repair

Once you have a professional out to confirm a problem and have chosen a contractor to fix it, foundation repair often starts with prepping the area. Depending on where the problem is located and how serious it is, the landscaping around the foundation may need to be removed for access. You will want to clear the area as much as possible so the contractor can get to work quickly.

During Foundation Repair

There is no one universal foundation fix. Depending on the type of foundation your house has and the problem it is manifesting, the method of repair may differ. In some cases, small tunnels may be dug to reach the foundation underneath or the repair can even be done with small drilled holes to inject a polymer in order to lift the foundation to the correct level. Sometimes even drastic measures are needed like lifting up your home.

When it comes to what to expect during a repair, your contractor will walk you through it fully. They will tell you what they will need to do when repairing the foundation, how long it will take, and if it is something that you can stay in your home for during.

After Foundation Repair

Once the repair is done, your home will go through another round of settling. During this time, you should avoid any repair like patching drywall cracks for at least six months. During this period of settling, new drywall cracks may appear. The foundation will need to come to rest in its new position, so some traditional signs of foundation settling should be expected.

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