Is There a Good Season for Foundation Repair?

Foundation problems are, unfortunately, a problem that can get worse over time. They can often become more expensive repairs very quickly as well if you ignore them. However, if you are hoping to get the foundation repaired quickly and for the best price, you may be looking to choose the best season for foundation repair, but is there a best season?

Is There a Good Season for Foundation Repair?

When it comes to foundation issues, many choose the summer season. It isn’t too wet and the ground is fairly stable. Unfortunately, because of this, summer can be a busy season for foundation repair companies. They may struggle to schedule you in for a timely repair.

What you might not expect to be a good season for foundation repair is winter. Certainly winter presents some problems. Sometimes the weather can get too cold or wet, which can push back a repair. However, as the ground is very cold, it makes for a stable surface. This also means that your foundation repair may not get worse during this season. It is also worth noting that foundation repair companies often have more open schedules as well.

Spring and fall are generally not advised to schedule foundation repair unless it is very serious. These seasons are typically very wet and often they are when foundation damage occurs. There are times when repair cannot wait, but for more mild repairs, it is often better to not disturb the foundation until the soil is more stable. You may wish to talk to your foundation repair company first, however. If you are having a mild and dry spring and fall season, repairs can be done.

So when is the best season for foundation repair? Any season is a good season if you have a foundation problem. In many cases, you may just need to monitor cracking, but if more serious foundation symptoms are manifesting, then your repairs can’t wait.

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