Do Garage Floor Foundation Cracks Mean Foundation Problems?

Due to the expense of foundation repair and the general seriousness of problems with the foundation your whole home sits on, any crack or defect in your foundation is a worry. So when you go into your garage one day and find a crack snaking its way along the floor, then it is only natural to be a little concerned. However, cracks in a garage floor aren’t necessarily something you need to worry about depending on how your home was built.

Do Garage Floor Foundation Cracks Mean Foundation Problems?

Hairline cracks, no matter where they appear, aren’t usually something to panic about. These very small cracks will happen as a home settles, and it is something that you should expect. You will want to have them sealed so that they don’t expand due to water or dirt exposure, and otherwise just monitor them. If hairline cracks do get larger, then it should be something to be concerned about.

Aside from the size of the crack, garage floor cracking is often treated much less seriously than other foundation cracking. In many cases, the cracking in your garage floor was deliberate. When it was poured, contractors likely put in control joints. These are essentially areas where, if the foundation of your garage settles, it will crack in a controlled way. The cracks from control joints are generally pretty straight and usually in an out of the way area so as to not disrupt the garage too much.

If the cracking the isn’t in a very straight line, this is unlikely from a control joint. In these cases, you will want to monitor the crack very closely to see if it expands so action can be taken quickly.

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