Why Does My Home Need Gutters?

Gutters are building foundation’s main defense against water damage. Precipitation that falls on your roof should sluice into a gutter. The gutters channel the water into a downspout. The downspout funnels the water into a drainage system or a safe distance from your home’s foundation. Without a secure gutter and drainage system, water puddles around your home’s foundation. This weakens the foundation and can cause serious damages such as the following:

  • Water falling directly on your foundation leads to soil erosion, which can cause water to puddle around your foundation
  • Soil erosion can cause the foundation to settle, leading to uneven floors and cracks in drywalls.
  • Pooling water damages shrubs and flowers, lessening curb appeal and your home’s value
  • Standing water can raise the potential for basement flooding as well as serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes
  • Wood siding will often rot eventually if it is frequently exposed to water streaming off the roof
  • Vinyl siding will not rot, but it will become stained making your home a less desirable property
  • If not protected by gutters and drainpipes, porches and patios will suffer from water damage.

Why Does My Home Need Gutters?

What are the top four things I need to know about gutters?

  • For houses, the most common gutter size is five inches. However, roof size and the amount of precipitation that falls in an average year must be considered. With a large roof and heavy precipitation, you’ll need larger gutters
  • For downspouts, you’ll need about one for every 40 feet of guttering
  • Gutters can last for up to twenty years if properly maintained
  • The most common gutter materials are vinyl and aluminum because they work well and are cost-efficient

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