How to Fix a Settling Foundation and Solve the Problems For Good

We tend to think buildings of as immovable constructions, yet they move, albeit by a few inches. This occurs as a result of the building and its foundations situating themselves in place on the soil.

How to fix a settling foundation and solve the problems for good

What Is a Settling Foundation?

Soil expands and contracts as it absorbs water and dries out. As a result, the dirt beneath your foundation shifts, leaving a void that fills with water. Over time, the voids weaken the soil structure and make it easy for gravity forces to shift it downwards to fill the space. We know this phenomenon as settling.

Signs of a settling foundation?

The effects of hydrostatic pressure and shifting soil are frequently seen on foundations and walls. The following are the most typical signs of a settling foundation

•    Sticking windows and doors
•    Bowing or cracked walls
•    Cracked or uneven floors
•    Vertical cracks on walls
•    Horizontal cracks on walls
•    Disrupted or cracked soil at the foot of the wall
•    Separation of doors and windows from walls

How to fix a settling foundation

If your house has a settling foundation or sunken concrete, we can still save it with minimum disruption to your daily routine. There are several approaches, but the overall goal is to level the foundation and return your home to its prior stable state. These approaches include:

Installing piers

Concrete and steel helical piers, as well as hydraulic lift slab piers, are sturdy and have a significant load-bearing capability. These piers can be driven into the earth exactly beneath the house’s foundation, where it is sinking. Resting the home on these piers is a job best left to the professionals, but it provides ample support that prevents the house from sinking further.

Piers are the preferred method of elevating and stabilizing foundations in bigger constructions, such as residences and commercial buildings.

Slab jacking

Microfine cement grout can be injected into the earth when foundations are difficult to access. This improves the soil’s structure while also providing a lifting force that aids in the restoration of the building’s original level.

We typically use slab jacking for smaller projects such as house slabs, swimming pools, and driveways.

What do with a settling foundation?

It is not wise to undertake a DIY repair if your house is settling. Fixing a sinking foundation may increase the value of your home, therefore it’s a job best left to the experts. The team here at Hargrave Custom Foundation Repair will do a complete inspection, propose solutions, and repair your foundations to ensure that your home will stand rooted for many years to come. Contact us to discover problems, investigate solutions, and receive advice on any of your foundation repair concerns.