Protect Your Home and Foundation With Drainage Correction

The integrity of your home’s foundation can be affected by improper drainage. Hargrave Custom Foundation Repair understands that drainage correction can be a vital component of maintaining a stable foundation. Inadequate drainage can lead to problems, including foundation instability, cracking, and even failure. This blog will discuss the importance of drainage correction and the various methods that can be employed to promote a more stable foundation for your home.

Protect Your Home and Foundation With Drainage Correction

Consequences of Poor Drainage

Soil Expansion and Contraction:

When water accumulates around the foundation, it can cause the soil to expand, causing upheaval of the foundation. This upheaval can lead to cracks, door misalignments and other problems.

Foundation Settling:

Drying of underlying soils causes contraction of the soils which, in turn, can cause settlement of the foundation. The more soils under the foundation upheave, the more they can settle when the soils dries out again.

Methods of Drainage Correction

Gutters and Downspouts:

Properly functioning gutters and downspouts can be helpful for directing water away from your home’s foundation. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and repairing damaged sections, will help ensure that water is effectively channeled away from your property.

Grading and Sloping:

The slope of the ground around your home plays a crucial role in drainage. Ideally, the ground should slope away from your home at a gradient of at least 5% for a distance of 10 feet. This helps to prevent water from pooling near the foundation and causing damage.

French Drains:

A French drain is a trench filled with gravel or rock that contains a perforated pipe designed to redirect water away from your foundation. These drains can be designed for collecting underground water (seepage) or for collecting surface water. French drains can be an effective solution for homes with persistent drainage issues.

Sump Pumps:

Installing a sump pump in your crawl space can help to remove excess water and prevent flooding. A sump pump collects water in a basin and pumps it away from your home, helping to keep the ground under your foundation dry. However, if large amounts or water collect under a substantial part of the crawlspace then the sump pump alone may not have a sufficient correction. French drains combined with a sump may be needed. 


Surface (or area) drains:

Surface drains are designed to collect surface water around the foundation and/or in the yard. These can be used to prevent or reduce standing water around the foundation or in problem areas in the yard or on patios, drivewasy and sidewalks.

Maintaining Your Drainage System

Regular maintenance is crucial for keeping your drainage system functioning optimally. This includes cleaning gutters and downspouts, inspecting and repairing any damage, and ensuring that your property’s grading and sloping remain effective. Additionally, it’s important to address any drainage issues as soon as they arise to prevent further damage to your foundation.

Protect Your Home with Hargrave Custom Foundation Repair

Proper drainage correction is important for maintaining a strong and stable foundation. Hargrave Custom Foundation Repair offers comprehensive drainage solutions, including surface drains and French drain systems. Help protect your home and avoid costly foundation repairs by investing in proper drainage correction with Hargrave Custom Foundation Repair. Contact us today for more information!