Practical House Leveling Methods

House leveling is the process of restructuring your home back to its original position. In most instances, after a prolonged time, the integrity of your home will be compromised, leading to a home that is sinking at one or multiple ends.

Hargrave Custom Foundation Repair seeks to correct such a problem. However, it is integral to identify the root cause of the problem. Some of the issues that cause uneven foundations include:

Practical House Leveling Methods

Soil Problems

Soil types such as clay soil swell when it rains and shrinks when it dries. The soil tends to shift in position due to the inconsistent swelling and shrinking of the soil. Typically, these factors lead to foundation movement.

Excessive Moisture

Underground piping may break, and water begins to leak, causing the soil to swell and expand. Consequently, the water loses its integrity and can no longer adequately support a foundation.

Improperly Built Foundation

A foundation that has compromised architectural integrity will not correctly support a building. Structural damage will progressively lead to a building that is sinking.

How to Level a House?

Push Piers

Push piers are hollow pipes that are fit on the ground using a hydraulic ram. Pier brackets are then used to anchor the push piers into position. These structures add significant weight and push the piers into position. The resistance created helps in lifting your foundation, creating stability, and leveling the foundation.

Helical Piers

Helical piers are steel pipes that have screw-like edges. The installed helices work by pulling the piers into position rather than pushing. Helical piers used in house raising Wylie level your foundation into position.

Concrete Slab Leveling

Over time the concrete will sink or crack due to a myriad of external factors. Concrete slab leveling aims at repairing the concrete slab and restructuring it to an even position. The cracks or any visible holes on the slabs are caulked.

Are you Looking for ”House Leveling Near Me?”

Cracks on ceilings or walls, sticking doors, and uneven floors are significant signs of an uneven home. If you note such signs, address them immediately before they compromise the structural integrity of your home. Contact us at Hargrave Custom Foundation Repair for professional house leveling services.