Should You Water Your Texas Home Foundation During Winter?

Watering the soil around your home during winter has numerous benefits. It will help you avoid foundational issues, resulting in cracked walls, sticking doors, unlevelled floors, and structural risks. The soil around your home may dry or contract in the winter, causing your foundation to tip and resulting in expensive damages to your Texas home.

Should You Water Your Texas Home Foundation During Winter?

This article discusses why it is crucial to regularly keep the soil moist by watering and scheduling regular inspections.

How Can You Keep Your Foundation Protected this Winter? 

It is vital to water your Texas home foundation regularly to help prevent shifting and settling of the soil. The following are steps to help keep your Texas home soil moist in the winter:

  1. Use an in-ground sprinkler system and position it roughly 45 cm from your home’s foundation.
  2. Reduce the amount of water than you would during summer.

How Should You Water the Soil around Your Texas Home?  

The following tips will help you know how to water the soil around your home’s foundation:

  • Avoid using excessive water: this can make the ground extra soft.
  • Avoid placing the sprinkler in direct contact with the foundation: it can cause pooling and reduce the soil’s capacity to hold up your home’s foundation.
  • Connect only one sprinkler to avoid uneven watering.

How Frequently Should You Water Your Foundation?

How frequently you should water your soil depends on its dryness in winter. If it fails to rain adequately in January or February, it would be ideal to water your foundation’s soil thrice throughout the month. The watering duration should be roughly 20 minutes at a time. Ensure you don’t overdo it because it may weaken your home’s foundation.

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