3 Most Common Foundation Repair Issues with Older Homes in Texas

Foundation repair issues are common in older homes in Texas today. According to research, Texas Cities are ranked as the top zones regularly affected by home foundation issues. Problems found in older houses are identical and unique and can classify your property as belonging to buildings erected many years ago.

Nevertheless, consistent foundation repair issues found in homes are most likely to cause significant issues for the rest of your home. Here are the top common foundation problems with older houses in Texas.

3 Most Common Foundation Repair Issues with Older Homes in Texas


Plumbing issues in older homes are common because of the kind of metal used and the pipes. The plumbing system can corrode over time, resulting in the shifting of your foundation. It is vital to take quick action on the leak to prevent further shifting of your Texas home foundation. Plumbing pipes used in older houses are made with diverse compositions that need exceptional care.

You should understand and know the age of the pipes in your property. Some pipes are built from a plastic composition which might have a lifespan of forty to fifty years. Knowing the age of the piping of your house will help you recognize possible problems that require repair to solve the plumbing issue.

It’s essential to seek a professional’s opinion on any plumbing situation in your home. An expert will offer solutions that will determine whether you’ll replace the pipe or correct them.


Age is one of the significant factors that determine the lifespan of a home. Your foundation ages with time and can become unstable. Texas is famous for inconsistent seasons, and the soil might fall victim to the changes, resulting in unstable bedrock.

It would be best if you had your bedrock inspected by an expert to get an opinion on the best solution. The professional can recommend the best repair option to keep your property standing.


Texas houses are known to have slab foundations that have water pipes fixed in the concrete. The lines can freeze and expand, causing a crack in your home’s bedrock. Poor drainage can cause your home’s slab base to be affected by moisture.

The solution to drainage issues in your Texas home is to engage a drainage correction company to fix the problem. Drainage correction will prevent water buildup that may affect beams and other factors supporting your property’s structure.


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