5 Easy Ways to Prevent Foundation Problems Before They Occur

Foundation problems can be difficult to pin down because they can occur slowly over many years. However, there are certain things you can do to prevent foundation problems and potentially save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs. This guide takes you through five easy steps to help prevent foundation problems before they occur.

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Foundation Problems Before They Occur

1. Maintain Your Gutters

Gutters are important for keeping rainwater out of your home. When gutters are clogged or damaged, water can pool on the roof and cause leaks into the attic and walls of your house. The easiest way to prevent this type of damage is by maintaining your gutters regularly by cleaning off leaves and debris before they can block the downspouts.

If you have leaf guards in place, they should be inspected once a year for damage or rusting that could cause them to break or collapse. You should also make sure that hangers aren’t sagging or broken so the gutters stay secure on the roofline.

2. Make Sure the Grading Around Your Home is Correct

If you have a sloping yard around your home, it’s important that the grade is correct. This will help prevent water from pooling up against the foundation of your house.

A good rule of thumb is that if you’re going to build a patio or deck on one side of your home, it should be at least 5-6 inches higher than the other side of your yard.

3. Divert Water Away From Your Foundation

Water is one of the biggest causes of foundation problems, so you need to make sure your foundation has proper drainage so water can run away from it instead of pooling up and causing damage.

If water pools around your foundation, dig out a trench around the perimeter and pour concrete into it. This will divert any water that comes into contact with your foundation away from it.

4. Seal Leaks in your Crawl Space

If there is any moisture coming into your crawl space, this will cause problems for your foundation. Water can cause mold and mildew growth that can weaken the structure of your home.

To prevent this from happening, look for any cracks or holes in your walls and seal them up with caulking or putty. You should also make sure that there aren’t any leaks from plumbing pipes or electrical lines around windows or doors leading into these areas.

5. Call an Expert to Inspect Your Foundation

The best way to keep your home’s foundation in great condition is to have it inspected by a professional inspector once every few years. A qualified inspector will be able to tell if there is any damage due to water infiltration, soil movement, or other factors that could lead to cracks or other structural issues.

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