5 Reasons Why Your Foundation Issue Requires Immediate Attention

The integrity of any building depends upon its foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to equally spread the building’s weight across the ground. If your house’s foundation is compromised, it can lead to issues such as cracks (hairline and fissures), water intrusion, and moisture damage. Therefore, any foundation issue calls for it’s immediate attention. Here are five reasons why.

5 Reasons Why Your Foundation Issue Requires Immediate Attention

Homes Shift Seasonally

During the hot, drier summer months, they move downward, and during the cool, wetter months, they move upward. Plumbing pipes eventually break because of this continuous upward and downward motion. Repairs to plumbing systems can cost thousands of dollars. Broken pipes beneath your foundation commonly result in a foundation repair plan that is both significantly more expensive and considerably more difficult to complete. If it is winter, make any necessary repairs to keep your house raised and prevent additional sinking in summer. It’s crucial to raise the house as quickly as possible in the summer to relieve pressure on the plumbing and, of course, to stop any further descent.


They say prevention is better than cure. When it comes to foundation repairs, scheduling your repairs immediately will be cheaper than shelving it for the future. The ever-rising labor and material cost will render the foundation repair expensive if you decide to do it at a later date. So any foundation issues will be affordable to fix as soon as you have noticed them.

More Time Wasted Equals More Work

You will be required to pay for additional secondary repairs the more your foundation settles. Included in this are changes to windows and doors, flooring fixes, roof leak fixes, and brick-and-mortar repairs. The quicker you fix your house, the less expensive it will be to fix these extra issues.

If You Are Planning to Move

It is always preferable to get these repairs made before the home is listed if you intend to sell it in the reasonably near future. In this way, you are in charge of deciding which contractor to choose and, of course, what you are ready to pay. Once a buyer enters the picture, they usually influence this area.


The obvious reason why your foundation requires immediate attention is that it is a priority. If you have any other house repair scheduled, you should hold it off until you solve your foundation issues first. This is necessary because any additional repairs made before the foundation repair may be affected if your property is mechanically lifted.

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