How Gutters Protect your Home and Foundation

To most people, gutters are simply the apparatus that we see installed at the end of the roofing section of the house. However, while they simply appear to be that, they are in fact more than that. Gutters are an essential component in maintaining and ensuring the longevity of a house, building, or other constructed structure. They play a vital role in not only ensuring that the water can be harvested, but that it can also be drained away without interfering with the structure of your building. Below is an explanation of how important gutters actually are to any homeowner.

How Gutters Protect your Home and Foundation

Protecting the Foundation of your Home

This is one of the most unique functions of gutters. Regardless of the size, material and gauge of your gutter, they can really be useful in ensuring that the foundation of your house is not interfered with. The gutters work by ensuring that rain water is safely prevented from spouting down and splashing on the exterior of your house, and channeling the water away from the base and immediate exterior of your house to the grass, lawns and drainage systems. This can be achieved by ensuring that your roofing and gutters have a sufficient slope to ensure that it is successful. Consequently, the foundation of your home will be protected, meaning that your mind will be at ease even in situations of continuous heavy rainfall.

Protecting your Home from Flooding

Another very vital role played by gutters is that they minimize the risk of flooding in your home. Through the drainage of water away from your home, you need not worry about water in your house since most of the rain water will successfully be drained away.

Preventing Siding Damage

For homeowners looking to maintain the appeal of their curbs as well as prevent events of rotting and paint damage on the sides of their house, then guttering is the most viable solution. The water is directed away from this, which means that very little water gets to the walls or curb, reducing the amount of work you would do in the absence of these gutters.

Note: It is important to note that gutters alone are not the solution. A good drainage system also needs to be put in place for the success of the gutters. Additionally, you also need to note that gutters need to be maintained as they can occasionally be clogged by debris such as leaves, hence the need for regular cleaning routines. Feel free to contact us at Hargrave Custom Foundation Repair for any queries and repairs with your gutter and drainage systems.