Do Tree Roots Damage Your Foundation?

A tree can be a great addition to a yard. It not only provides you with a nice dose of oxygen, but it gives your yard some much needed shade. However, a tree planted too close to your home can be a hazard. Certainly you need to be concerned about branches falling on your roof, but roots growing under your foundation is also a problem.

Do Tree Roots Damage Your Foundation?

The truth is that not all trees are a problem for your foundation. A pine tree, for example, has roots that grow straight down, meaning they will have virtually no impact on a foundation. However, fast growing hardwoods like oak or elm have very shallow roots that spread over the surface. This can not only sap the soil of moisture near the surface, but the roots have the potential to breach the surface, thus moving the foundation.

Signs Tree Roots are Affecting Your Foundation

If you aren’t sure if your nearby tree is causing foundation problems, you can look for a few common signs. These include:

  • Cracking Foundation Near a Tree — Foundation damage due to a tree won’t be found on the other side of your house, you will notice cracking almost adjacent to the tree.
  • Your Home Slants Towards a Tree — If you notice your foundation almost slants towards a nearby tree, this can be a sign that it is sapping the nearby soil of moisture. While it may not have cause any damage yet, it will very soon as the soil continues to collapse.
  • Raise Roots Towards Your Home — If you can see the roots, this is a problem for your yard. It’s not good for the tree and it becomes a trip hazard. However, if those raised roots are heading towards your home, then it is also a problem for your foundation.

While we can’t help you with nearby trees, if the trees in your yard have already caused foundation damage, we can help prevent that from getting any worse. Contact us today to see what Hargrave Custom Foundation Repair can do to get your home back on a steady foundation.