Concrete Pilings: Understanding The Product and Process

Have you identified potential foundation issues with your residential or commercial structure? If you are considering the need to contact a professional to address such an important issue, look no further than Hargrave Custom Foundation Repair. Proudly serving the Dallas Fort Worth area and the surrounding region, you will be impressed with the superior experience and customer service provided by Hargrave Custom Foundation Repair. Understanding the process and techniques of foundation repair services can be challenging, but our professionals are more than happy to provide detailed explanations on our services. You can be confident that our expertise and knowledge will make the entire process a successful, enjoyable experience.

Concrete Pilings

Concrete Pilings

Piles are a critical tool used to ensure foundational support and ensure the effectiveness of foundation repairs. Concrete pilings are a common type of pile used in foundation construction and repair. They are valuable for their ability to carry high weight loads, easy installation, affordability, and successful resistance to water arising from any excess drainage. Concrete piles can be utilized in foundation repairs. When utilized, they ensure the foundation maintains stability and reduce the need for future repairs. Circular piles are a common type of concrete piles, and they are designed with consistent bending strength in all directions. This design reduces the potential for bending and flexing and enhances foundation’s stability and ability to withstand the structure’s weight. One installation strategy for concrete piles is called pressing. With this strategy, the concrete piles are pushed into the ground with the assistance of machinery until a rock or rough soil prevents the pile from being forced any deeper. The value of implementing pressing concrete piles relates to the assurance that the depth of the piling in the ground is sufficient to support your structure’s foundation.

Our Company’s Superior Approach

We are proud to distinguish our company by offering free consultations to residents of the Dallas metroplex. Additionally, our exceptional customer service approach has enabled us to expand our customer base beyond the Dallas Fort Worth metro area. If you are located outside this metro area, our professionals will gladly visit to provide a consultation at only a small service fee that may apply based on your specific location. For any of your foundation repair needs that require attention, you can expect to receive our professional written estimate shortly after our visit, often by the following day. Our service will ensure that the job is completed in a timely manner, and the processes used will be clean and conservative to minimize the disruption to your lot’s landscaping and overall surroundings.

Family-owned and operated, Hargrave Custom Foundation Repair applies a caring, personal approach to all customers and clients. We are able to meet the needs of commercial properties and residential homes. The next time you need foundation repair services, be sure to contact us for a professional, exceptional experience. Our experienced employees will respond in a timely manner and provide friendly, superior service throughout the entire process. For your convenience, Hargrave Custom Foundation Repair can be reached by phone at 972-442-5000 or through our website. We are excited to exceed your expectations and provide superior, professional foundation repair services.