When to Repair Home Damage After Foundation Repair

Ideally, you will catch foundation damage before it starts to have a major effect on any other area of your home. However, if you ignore signs like cracking and let your foundation continue to sink or shift, the damage will start to manifest away from your foundation.

When to Repair Home Damage After Foundation Repair

What you will see is likely warped floors, cracking drywall, and cracking exterior covering like brick veneer. The longer you let the foundation issue languish, the more damage you will notice. However, while you should be quick to repair the foundation issue, when is it time to repair the actual home damage?

Obviously, you will want to work from the foundation up. Repairing the foundation is crucial to do before repairing any of the damage it has caused. If you repair the home damage but not the foundation, more home damage will just show up later on. Furthermore, if you repair the damage, then the foundation, the actual repair may have re-damaged that area.

However, what many homeowners don’t expect is that you do actually need to wait a bit after the foundation repair is made to repair the other damage caused by it. Like a freshly laid foundation, a freshly repaired foundation will need some time to do any initial settling in. It is recommended to wait at least six months before repairing any damage to drywall or easily cracked areas. This gives the foundation time to settle, but do be aware that settling can and likely will still happen after that six-month period. However, it is likely to be minor enough to not cause further damage.

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