When Do I Need to Get My Foundation Fixed?

There is nothing more important to your home than the foundation. If the foundation is not sound, you risk the danger of an unstable house. It is important to know the signs of a weakened foundation so you can know when you need to get it repaired before the problem gets much worse.

Take note of these possible signs that you should call a professional like Hargrave Custom Foundation Repair.

When Do I Need to Get My Foundation Fixed?

When is Foundation Repair Necessary?

In short, foundation repair is necessary when there is evidence of sinking, settling or cracking. Every house is expected to settle slowly over time when it is built. That is simply the structure adapting to the environment where it is built.

As your house settles, you may notice some cracks in the foundation that are alarming at first. Smaller cracks are often the result of normal settling. However, it is important to keep track of how these cracks progress and to know when to call the professionals.

Watch the Cracks

Put checking on foundation cracks on a regular rotation for home maintenance. Walk around the interior and exterior of your home, making notes about any cracks you see. Record the date and size of the crack. Perhaps take a snapshot. When it is time to check again you will know if the cracks are changing. Any cracks larger than 1/16th of an inch will need to be checked by a professional.

Types of Foundation Cracks

Cracks can come in many sizes and positions. Know which cracks are more dangerous and will need to be repaired as soon as possible.

Static Cracks

Static cracks are typical in your older homes and don’t continue to expand. These are the cracks caused by normal settling and are often found in home inspections. A simple sealant is usually sufficient.

Dynamic Cracks

Dynamic Cracks continue to spread over time and can indicate a bigger structural problem. Most cracks are vertical but some can be horizontal. It is the horizontal cracks that are the most dangerous because the soil beneath your house has most likely contracted to cause there to be space between the hard ground and your foundation. It is these kinds of cracks that can completely destroy a home.

Have you seen some cracks in your home’s foundation and aren’t sure what to think? It’s better to be safe than sorry. Don’t hesitate and contact us, so we can help you protect your home and your family.