All You Need to Know About Polyurethane Foam Injections

Polyurethane is a polymer prepared by reacting two chemicals; organic diisocyanate and polyol. When these two components mix, a reaction causes expansion. The foam fills voids, offers structural support, and raises sinking concrete. The mixing is done on-site.

All You Need to Know About Polyurethane Foam Injections.

Polyurethane is liquid during injection through cavities that need repair or insulation. It then expands into a firm foam.

Uses of Polyurethane Foam Injection.

Polyurethane foam injection expands when injected into cracks. It reaches every corner, ensuring perfect repair and insulation. Leaking or wet cracks have better results since water acts as a catalyst that converts liquid polyurethane to foam. Polyurethane uses include; To,

  • Repair cracked slab
  • Repair sinking concrete slab
  • Repair sinking foundation
  • Repair void
  • Permeate and densify soil.

It is also used in buildings to provide;

  • Thermal insulation-polyurethane has low thermal conductivity; hence, it’s the optimal thermal insulation material.
  • Waterproof and moisture control.

One must take great care not to exceed or fall short of the amount injected for optimal thermal insulation or filling cavities because the pressure of the foam during expansion can cause more damage.


Benefits of Polyurethane Foam Injections.

  • It’s economical, and this is because only a small amount of polyurethane liquid is required.
  • During the repair, there is no damage to the wall or concrete because it involves puncturing small holes in the slab.
  • Polyurethane ensures minimal disruption during repairs, unlike other methods.
  • It is environmentally friendly because it does not rot or pollute the soil.
  • Polyurethane foam has a high strength capacity. Heavy vehicles can pass over repaired slab 30 minutes after slab repair.
  • It is a cleaner method since you drill a few small holes in the concrete then inject the liquid. You’ll have little or no mess with the technique.
  • It is long-lasting since it is moisture and decay-resistant.

Final Thoughts

Polyurethane foam injections are an easy, less messy solution for concrete repair. To learn more about polyurethane foam injection, visit our website. You can also contact us for foundation repair or more information about our services.